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Volvo Standard demolition - Introduction

Standard Demolition Equipment

Machines built for the extreme.
Few things in construction put more strain on equipment than moving, sorting, loading and processing demolition debris.

For primary and secondary demolition jobs, Volvo offers six Standard Demolition Excavators from 21 to 70 tons. All models feature heavy-duty fabrication, demolition guarding, undercarriage protection, excellent visibility and the industry-leading Volvo Care Cab with FOG and operator protective structure.

Volvo Standard Demolition Excavators have the muscle and the armor to excel at all stages of the demolition process. You want your jobs done right, done safely and profitably - Volvo gets you there.


Customer Spotlight
"I really like the Volvos. I even like their paint jobs . Once we started using them, we liked them instantly better than Hitachi. It felt like they had more power and they didn't overheat."

"[The operators] like them. They really think the cabs are very comfortable. That's one of the first comments that they made. Demolition is looked at as a really dirty job. But when you have a nice clean cab, with air conditioning or heat, it's like being inside playing a video game. Given a choice, they would prefer the Volvo cabs to others."

Grant Mackay
Owner and President
Grant Mackay Demolition Company
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Model Bucket capacity Operating weight
EC460CLD Std. demolition 2.16-4.32 yd3 (1.7-3.3 m3) 98,770-108,250 lb (44.8-49.1 t)