Volvo Certified Generation 2 Pre-Owned

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Volvo Approved Used

What Equipment Qualifies for Volvo Approved Used?

  • Pre-owned Volvo general purpose products (excavators, articulated haulers, and wheel loaders) can qualify for Volvo Approved Used certified status if they meet the following standards:
    • Less than five years old
    • 6,000 hours max
    • Pass a rigorous certified pre-owned inspection by a Volvo-authorized dealer service engineer

Before a machine can be certified Volvo Approved Used, it is tested and refurbished with original Volvo parts and components so it can be put to work as if it were new.

  • If the wear condition is less than 75%, parts are replaced with new and original Volvo parts.
  • Reconditioned parts are cleaned and re-sprayed
  • New paint or paint renewal system.
  • Factory and performance-related product updates completed.
  • The unit is re-assembled, quality tested then added to the Volvo Used Equipment inventory.
All Volvo Approved Used Machines are sold with:

  • Machine information: including year of model, hours, and expected life remaining (75% or better).
  • Warranty: 1 year, 2000 hours on major components, powertrain and hydraulics.
  • Condition report package: including the original Volvo Care Inspection report, MATRIS report, and documentation of refurbishment work performed to meet Volvo Approved Used standards.
  • Oil sampling upon request
  • CareTrack┬« telematics installed.
  • "Volvo Approved Used Equipment" logo applied to machine.Flexible loan and lease options from Volvo Financial Services.

As Is

  • No warranty.
  • Equipment with all faults and should be reviewed by purchaser.
  • Machine is in condition presented.
  • Generally running condition unless described otherwise.
  • No significant work done or value added to equipment.
  • Includes Lot purchases or competitor equipment.