Paving and Compaction Application Seminar

Objective: To utilize applied training techniques to teach paving and compaction best practices to those people with responsibility for or interest in operation / management of contemporary paving equipment. Also, to correctly and safely utilize a paver and compactor to their fullest potential while achieving the highest quality work without sacrificing production or increasing costs.

Who should attend: Any individual with interest in, or responsibility for, the laydown and/or compaction of HMA, WMA or SMA

Duration: 2 Days (classroom only)

Course location: Chambersburg, PA

Best Practices in Paving

  1. Paving safety
  2. Paver operation overview
  3. Paver tractor and screed operation:
    • Proper machine setup
    • Controlling factors affecting screed
    •Managing material  through paver
    • Achieving a quality mat
    • Joint construction
    • Automatic controls and referencing systems
    • Troubleshooting mat defects
    • Paver maintenance

Best Practices in Rolling

  1. Compactor operation overview
  2. Compactor operation
    • Compaction principles
    •  Vibratory system
    •  Factors affecting compaction
    •  Compaction techniques
    •  Joint compaction
    • Troubleshooting compaction deficiencies
    •  Compactor maintenance
    •  Applications 

Section included on milling basics

  1. Benefits to paving and compaction