Large Asphalt Compactor Mechanics (Step 1)

Large Asphal Compactor Mechanics

Objective: To provide training that covers in-depth classroom and “hands-on” training for various electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems as used on our Volvo asphalt compactors (7 ton and larger).

Who should attend: Any individual responsible for the maintenance and repair of  current models of Volvo large asphalt compactors.


    • Basic application 
    • Instruction on types of large asphalt compactors and their utilization
    • Hydraulic and electrical system familiarization and troubleshooting techniques 
    • Pump service components and identification 
    • Hands-on instruction of component identification and operation
    • Gauge port identification and pressure testing
    • Troubleshooting activities

Duration: 3 Days

Course locations:

    • Chambersburg, PA