Paver Hydraulic and Electrical System: PF6110/6170


Objective:  To teach mechanics and technicians to be familiar with the hydraulic and electrical systems of PF6110/6170 paver finishers and to trouble shoot problems quickly and efficiently.

Who should attend: Mechanics and technicians with responsibility for the PF6110/6170 Series paver finishers.

Paver Hydraulic and Electrical Systems - PF6110/6170


    • Paving safety
    • Paver nomenclature
    • Familiarization of the paver and control layout
    • Setting up the paver for work
    • 'Power View' console display and engine fault trouble shooting
    • Next generation screeds and screed heating
    • Familiarization of the hydraulic and electrical circuits and schematics
    • Set up and trouble shooting of automatic level controls
    • Circuit trouble shooting with use of the
    • Service Analyzer

Duration: 5 Days

Course location:

    • Chambersburg, PA
    • Phoenix, AZ