Automatic Grade and Slope Systems

Road Institute Automatic Grade Slope System - Blaw-Kontrol

Objective: To teach those people with responsibility for or interest in the operation of the Automatic Grade and Slope Systems (Blaw-Kontrol and Topcon System V or P32); and how to correctly and safely set up, operate and troubleshoot common control issues that often result in poor ride-ability and/or poor joint construction.

Who should attend: Any individual with interest in or responsibility for the operation of paving grade control systems

Duration: 3 Days

Course location: Chambersburg, PA and Phoenix, AZ


  1. Paving safety
  2. Applications
  3. Paver operation principles
  4. Component identification, installation, and operation of
    • Blaw-Kontrol AGS 7.5
    • Ultra Eye 5
    • Topcon System V and/or P32 with sonic averaging system (SAS)
  5. Hands-on installation and operation