Soil Compactor Mechanics (Step 1)

Soil Compactor Mechanics

Objective: This instructor led course will give you a general product overview of the Shippensburg manufactured Soil Compactors. General service course for personnel with basic soil compactor experience. Models covered: current production SD25 thru SD200 Soil Compactors. Areas covered: technical product information, system functions, troubleshooting and adjustments of the hydraulic system and electric system.

Who should attend: Any individual responsible for maintenance and repair of current models of soil compactors

Duration: 3 Days (Step 1)

Course location: Chambersburg, PA

Description (Step 1):

  1. Basic application
  2. Soil compactor types and utilization
  3. Main systems’ function and design
  4. Inspection and adjustments according to service manual
  5. Service according to operator’s manual
  6. Basic troubleshooting
  7. Find relevant methods in the service documentation