Paver Hydraulic & Electrical Systems – P7000

Paver hydraulic & Electrical systems – P7000

Objective: To familiarize technicians with the hydraulic and electrical systems of the Volvo P7000 series pavers. This will include hands-on troubleshooting.

Who should attend: Anyone responsible for the service and / or repair of the Volvo P7000 series pavers

Duration: 4.5 Days (Step 1) / 3 Days (Step 2)

Course location: Chambersburg, PA and Phoenix, AZ


  1. Paving safety
  2. Paving history
  3. Paver operation overview
  4. Electrical and hydraulic schematics
  5. Paver diagnostic tools
  6. Examine and troubleshoot screed heating system
  7. Mechanical adjustment of Volvo screeds
  8. Simulate paver set-up
  9. Automatic Grade & Slope (AGS) systems with a P7000
  10. Hands-on exercises used throughout the course

* Step 2 courses may be attended after the successful completion of Step 1; where real life troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair will be the focus of the course