MT2000 Hydraulic & Electrical Systems (Step 1 & Step 2)

MT2000 Hydrawlic & Electrical Systems

Objective: To teach those persons with responsibility for maintaining the complete operability of the MT2000 milling machine. Discuss proper set-up and operation of the unit including usage of automatic level controls. Review the hydraulic and electrical systems along with troubleshooting procedures.

Who should attend: Mechanics and service technicians with responsibility for the MT2000 milling machine

Duration: 4.5 Days (Step 1) / 3 Days (Step 2)

Course location: Chambersburg, PA

Description (Step 1):

  1. Site safety
  2. Milling 101 – Industry review
  3. Operator controls and screens including
    hands-on navigation
  4. Unit set-up and operation
  5. Automatic Level Control Systems including hands-on operation of MOBA controls
  6. CAN Networks including troubleshooting
  7. Hydraulic and electrical systems review including component locations, hands-on measurements and troubleshooting
  8. Drum service
  9. Software interlocks
  10. Propel, brakes and steering systems
  11. Conveyor system
  12. General purpose system
  13. Engine

*Step 2 courses may be attended after successful completion of Step 1; where real life troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair will be the focus of the course