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To find the Volvo Rents store near you, call 1-888-899-VOLVO (8658). 

When you walk into our rental stores, we see a customer, not a dollar sign.  At Volvo Rents, it's not just about renting you equipment, it's about our working together to get the job done.  That's why we'll open the store late if you need us to.  Why we only rent you the highest quality construction equipment.  And why we aim to be the friendliest store in town.  Because at Volvo Rents, "OPEN" is an attitude.  Not just a word on the door.  The Volvo Rents Promise:  Service.  Partnership.  Quality.  Trust.  Friendliness.

Volvo Rents Launches New Website With Full Product Catalogue, Line Cards, and Local Owner Updated Pages
Volvo Rents has launched a new site  The new site provides more information about our local franchise stores.

Now you can find us more easily on the web from your smart phone, download line cards and view featured rental items and special deals in your area.

Fill out a form after hours and we will get back to you the next day with price quotes.  Or ask one of our experts a question online and we will respond to you within hours.