Volvo G960B grader (motor grader) excels in soil, snow, aggregates and more

Volvo G960B Motor Grader: Top Grades In Clearing The Way For Progress

The Volvo G960B grader builds on industry-leading innovation that dates back well over 100 years.  Today, progress is carved, cleared and built by these motor graders. Whether your application is road building, earthmoving, snow clearing, plowing or scarifying, this is the heavy equipment to do it right.

From all-wheel drive grading to heavy pushing and fine grading, we’ve got your grader.

Top features of the Volvo G960B  include:

Tier 4 engine

Volvo G930B grader (motor grader) Tier 4 engine

Increased power and torque with eight power settings on the optional 11-speed transmission and automatic over-speed protection. Delivers increased performance, along with less lug-down, faster recovery, greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Choice of transmissions

Volvo G930B grader (motor grader) Grader choice of transmission

Both 8 and 11 speed transmissions feature shuttle shift for effortless shifts between forward/reverse without use of brakes or inching pedal. Optional 11 speed provides more gears in the work range, plus slower gears for fine grading and faster gears for snow removal and travel.

Multiple power settings

Volvo G930B grader (motor grader) Grader Power Settings

With standard transmission or 8 settings when equipped with optional 11 speed transmission. Automatically delivers optimum power in each gear, for reduced wheel slippage and fuel consumption.

CareTrack telematics

Volvo G930B grader (motor grader) Grader snow shovel caretrack

Included as standard equipment* to provide productivity-enhancing information, including fuel consumption reports, location reports, service reports and more.

*In markets where CareTrack is available. Consult your Volvo dealer.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it,  the Volvo motor grader puts you in control of blading and grading power and efficiency.