Fuel Efficiency Videos

Click on a video below to learn how our customers are improving their fuel efficiency through Volvo products and services.
Volvo Attachments Efficiency  
Watch how Volvo Attachments can lower your
fuel consumption with a faster bucket fill, less
time over 1400 rpm.

Volvo Panel at CONEXPO 2011

Learn more about monitoring operator fuel consumption through CareTrack.

CareTrack - Telematics
Customers discuss first-hand how CareTrack telematics have improved productivity, reduced downtime and improved fuel consumption.
Tier 4 Emission Challenge Video 
Watch and learn more about the fuel efficiency
of Volvo's Tier 4 engine.


Fuel savings with Optishift: Increases fuel efficiency up to a 15% over existing Volvo wheel loader technology.

CareTrack Machine Performance Video
Improved fuel savings? You can with CareTrack.