Volvo EC340D excavator: The power and speed to reach further

The Volvo EC340D excavator is the heavy-duty production machine you can rely on for quarrying, road building, truck loading, mining construction and mass excavation, utility trenching and more. If you’re looking for heavy equipment with powerful hydraulic excavator performance, look no further.

Top features of the Volvo EC340D excavator include:

Volvo Care Cab
Volvo EC340D excavator (hydraulic excavator) care cab with ROPS

Volvo Care Cab provides greater ergonomic comfort leading to reduced fatigue and increased productivity. The cab features Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) safety certification providing more operator safety and peace-of-mind when operating in tough environments.

High engine torque

Volvo EC340D excavator (hydraulic excavator) high torque Volvo engine

Volvo engines with exceptional peak torque, therefore when working at medium rpm the machines are able to supply more pump flow than competitors leading to considerably greater fuel efficiency.

Selective work modes
Volvo EC340D excavator (hydraulic excavator) selective work modes

Five working modes allow the operator to select the most appropriate mode for the application at hand. Assures the right amount of performance, along with an efficient use of fuel to suit the task.

Volvo EC340D excavator (hydraulic excavator) highly durable

Durability is built in, from top to bottom, from arm to counterweight. With Volvo excavators, unforgiving conditions are no problem.

Service Access

Volvo EC340D excavator (hydraulic excavator) easy service access

Large opening service compartment doors provide faster, safer service access. Service points are grouped and as close to ground level as possible. Reducing service time helps to increase your uptime.

Volvo EC340D excavator (hydraulic excavator) CareTrack telematics

CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system, works with the machine’s internal diagnostic system to remotely track usage, productivity, fuel consumption and much more.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, it’s the hydraulic excavator that will help contractors and operations of all sizes reach further.