Lloyd D. Nabors takes demo to new heights

Lloyd Nabors

Versatility of high-reach excavator proves to be Ex Factor for Nabors

To revitalize downtown Fort Worth, Texas, city planners called in Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition to bring down the Civil Courts Building, an eyesore in comparison to its historic neighbor, the Tarrant County Courthouse.

The boom of a Volvo EC460CHR ultra high-reach excavator tears into the shell of the five-story Civil Courts Building. The machine is capable of reaching heights near 90 feet with a forward reach of up to 54.6 feet as its 6,000-pound shear claw surgically selects and snips steel and limestone columns into manageable pieces of debris.

Added to the Nabors fleet just six months earlier, the EC4600CHR was the versatile workhorse on the job. Powered by a Volvo 329 hp engine, the machine combines high torque at low rpms with high-flow hydraulics to bring the 80,000 square foot structure cleanly and safely to the ground with no impact on the neighboring historic buildings or daily government business.

Maneuvering the Volvo high-reach demolition excavator into position was eased by the hydraulically retractable undercarriage, which can expand from 7 feet, 10 inches to 11 feet, 1 inch in order to simplify transport and increase stability and production when working. An additional 8,370-pound counterweight anchors the excavator to allow a wide operating range without diminishing control, power or stability.

As a lifelong demo man, Nabors has learned that safety and versatility are not just important to job profitability, but absolutely necessary. With unique jobs across the southwest, the logistical and equipment versatility demands are what sold him on the EC460CHR. The company’s previous excavator from another manufacturer required significant upkeep and took about five days to modify from high-reach to standard applications. It cost the company in repairs, downtime and even lost jobs.

The Volvo line of high-reach excavators uses an innovative hydraulic modular joint system to efficiently change from the high-reach boom to the digging boom in about one hour. The modular joint allows the digging boom to be either in the straight or bent configuration for more reach height or digging depth.

“The modular joint made us more diversified. When you don’t need the high reach, in less than one hour, you can revert the machine to a standard excavator. It is really like having two machines in one,” Nabors says.

Today the company counts 10 Volvo excavators in its fleet, including one EC460CHR, three EC380s, three EC360s, one EC340, one EC290 and an EC210. For Nabors, versatility is the Volvo Ex Factor.