Volvo Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders

Volvo Backhoes - a better way to dig.
Designed and built with direct input from backhoe customers around the world, the Volvo backhoe loader is everything you've ever wanted in a machine - a loader with the strength and simplicity of a Volvo wheel loader, a backhoe with the power and performance of a Volvo excavator, an operator's station that will envelop you in comfort and serviceability features that will ensure a long and productive machine life.

It's all here: customer-driven design, power and reliability. And with dig depths, breakout forces and operating capacities rated higher than virtually every competitive model in its price class, the Volvo backhoe loader rises to your challenges - every day.

It's a better way, and it's all Volvo.

Customer Spotlight
"I like the breakout power on the Volvo backhoes. I like the all-around strength of the hydraulics. The hydraulics are responsive and they're fast. Like when you're loading something, you can start lifting and moving forward at the same time - when you get there the bucket will be up there, not to worry!"

"And I like the push-button to control forward and backward motion. That control is all on the joystick for the front loader boom. You don't have to take your hand off the stick."

Neal Tanner
Project Manager
Accent Landscape Contractors
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Models Net power Operating weight (min - max) Bucket capacity (LDR)
BL60B, BL70B 91 hp - 101 hp (68 kW - 6 kW)
15,587 - 22,046 lb (7,070 - 10,000 Kg) 1.0 cu/yd