Volvo BL70B backhoe: Load up, excavate down, for versatile profitability

The Volvo BL70B backhoe loader excels in a wide range of applications, so you can efficiently handle all your jobs - from loading, trenching, and material handling to craning, heavy lifting and squared foundation excavations.

Expect powerful performance from the front loader and excavator for day after day dependability. And do it all in leading comfort from the redesigned Volvo cab.

Top features of the Volvo BL70B backhoe include:

Volvo Cab

Volvo BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) get more done in comfortable Volvo cab
Spacious cab with excellent all-around visibility has been redesigned for even more all-day ergonomic comfort, along with plenty of personal space.

Excavator performance

Volvo BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) high performance excavator digging
High-performance digging, lifting and trenching capabilities from a harmony of linkage design, flow sharing hydraulics, pilot-operated joystick and ergonomic controls. Optional pattern switch inside cab – to change controls from SAE to ISO or vice-versa.

Loader performance

Volvo BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) loading performance with excellent lift and breakout force                         
Strong, reliable loading performance with excellent lift and breakout force is achieved through a very durable loader linkage and a load-sensing hydraulic system: a variable-flow piston pump that continuously adapts flow delivery to suit required force.

Hydraulic performance

Volvo BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) standard equipped flow sharing hydraulic performance
Combined auxiliary hydraulic circuit allows use with single or double-acting attachments such as thumbs or hydraulic breakers.

Maintenance access

Volvo BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) easy service and maintenance access
One-piece tilting hood provides quick & easy access to grouped, ground-level maintenance and service points.


Volvo BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) CareTrack telematics tracks it all for you
CareTrack telematics, helps you save fuel, reduce costs and maximize profitability*.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, it’s the backhoe loader that delivers versatility in a wide range of loading and excavation jobs.