Industry-exclusive Articulated Truck Steering

Fast, accurate cornering decreases cycle times by five percent, increasing productivity while ensuring maximum safety and unsurpassed traction for high speed hauling.   Volvo’s industry-exclusive steering system allows the body to always monitor the tractor unit so the operator doesn’t have to correct for steering adjustments typically found in traditional articulated truck steering system.

Advantages of Volvo Steering
Volvo articulated trucks function with precision throughout the life of the articulated hauler, maximizing production and safe high speed operations. The centering steering value ensures a smooth, steady automotive “feel” to the system. Ultimately, the hydromechanics are easy to steer, even at low engine speeds and in tough off-road conditions.

  • Self-compensating, precision steering
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Outstanding operator control
  • Increased safety at high speeds
Components of Steering
A mechanical feedback rod connects to the hitch at one end, and the steering valve at the other. This centers the steering valve after any steering movement. The steering linkage joins the rack and pinion to ensure the steering angle is proportional to the number of turns of the steering wheel.