Volvo Articulated Truck Frame and Chasis

Frame & Chassis

The box frame of the Volvo F-Series articulated trucks provides strong, weight-optimized, high quality design for a long service life.

Components of the Volvo Frame & Chassis
The rotating hitch and articulated steering provides good off-road mobility, reducing stress on the frames in tough applications.

The hitch is positioned to provide high ground clearance and increased stability.

Valuable advantages
Robotic welding optimizes production quality and ensures a long service life. Eliminating frame twist, the rotating hitch and bearings are maintenance free.

  • Increased safety & productivity
  • Long service life
  • Increased mobility in a variety of terrains
  • Reduced frame stress
  • Increased stability
  • Decreased road maintenance
Articulation Hitch
The Articulated Truck takes its name from its distinctively engineered articulated hitch allowing completely independent movement of the tractor and body. With the industry's best ground clearance beneath the low weight, strongly designed rotating hitch, the Artic ensures reduced road maintenance due to the truck's ability to navigate adverse conditions with articulated steering for serious mobility in tough applications. Reduced torsional stress increases frame life, lending the machine to unique off-road mobility and high speed hauling.