Articulated Truck Full Suspension

A35F FS & A40F FS — Full Suspension System

A unique A-frame suspension design on the front tractor eliminates dipping, a motion causing the cab to thrust upward during full turns, and ensures the articulated hauler stays on target after exiting a corner. Ground dependent piston pump ensures steering function in case of engine stop. Volvo's high quality components - and traditional 100 percent maintenance-free standard suspension - add up to a reliable, long life for the machine and reduced road maintenance for contractors.

Full Suspension System
An innovative design especially for long, dry, rough hauls, Volvo's A35F FS and A40F FS, full suspension articulated haulers, can improve productivity by 32%!  With the ability to automatically adjust flow and pressure as needed, the suspension system lowers fuel consumption and promotes the industry's best operator comfort.

Advantages of Full Suspension System:

  • Automatic leveling
  • Stability control on all wheels 
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Increased productivity
  • Superior off-road performance
  • Increased average speeds and cornering
  • Reduced road maintenance
  • Exceptional reliability

Components of Full Suspension
The full suspension system offers the industry's best ride due to free-flowing hydraulic fluid supplied to the cylinders. The front suspension consists of two hydraulic cylinders and two accumulators. It works with the rear suspension, which consists of four hydraulic cylinders and two high pressure accumulators for when the body is loaded, and two lower accumulators for when the body is empty. 

Valuable advantages
Benefits of the full suspension system are readily apparent after long haul cycles in rough terrain. These applications substantially increase the life of the machine. The six levels sensors - two on each A-frame - electronically monitor the body/frame in relation to the axles and signal the hydraulics to adjust the suspension. The return is optimal stability during travel, loading, and dumping.

Other Advantages

  • Up to 32% increased productivity on long, rough, dry hauls
  • Decreased possibility of rollovers
  • Efficient hydraulics increase fuel efficiency, performance
  • No daily service on suspension