Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What is the Million Ton Guarantee?

The “Million Ton Guarantee” serves as an after-purchase machine program to periodically replace certain auger and conveyor parts in order to keep your 7000 series paver (P7110, P7170) in top working condition over the approximate term of 1,000,000 (one million) tons worth of asphalt laid. The term of the guarantee is based on a U.S. national average of 200,000-250,000 tons of asphalt laid per year, totaling approximately five years or work seasons, which yields an average of 500 to 700 hours during seven to eight months of asphalt paving. In this time frame, you'll have access to 3 (three) rebuilds as determined by the wear check manual.

2)      Which auger and conveyor parts are covered?

See list here

3)      At what percentage of the cost will the parts be covered?

The parts will be covered at a tiered percentage rate as follows:

  • 1st rebuild parts will be 100% covered by manufacturer
  • 2nd rebuild parts will be 50% covered by manufacturer
  • 3rd rebuild parts will be 25% covered by manufacturer
  • Volvo will cover subsequent rebuild parts required up to 5 year time limit at 25%

4)      What parts or services are NOT covered?

  • Screed plates (will be specific to the list of head of material wear parts)
  • Labor to remove or install worn parts
  • Parts not included in the auger and conveyor list above. Warranty claims should be submitted through standard warranty procedure.

5)      How long does the program last?

Program begins March 4, 2014 and ends December 31, 2014. 

6)      If I need an auger or conveyor part replaced from the above list, where should I go?

Volvo recommends that your 7000 series paver(s) should be serviced at your local authorized Volvo dealer; however, this is not required as part of the guarantee. Any service performed by you does not void the guarantee, but Volvo is not responsible for any incorrect installations performed by someone other than a certified Volvo dealer technician.