Volvo Hose Service - Hydraulic hoses

Volvo Hose Service

Volvo Hose Service gives you high quality hydraulic hoses, right away, at your Volvo dealer. This quick, reliable and cost-effective solution ensures optimal hose performance and helps minimize machine downtime. After all, the better the quality of your components, the more you get from your Volvo machine. Every part is vital for uptime and performance.

Fast and convenient

Need a new hose? Simply call your local Volvo dealer. They have all the professional equipment to assemble new Volvo hoses directly in their workshop. It’s that easy.

Genuine Volvo Parts

With Volvo Hose Service, we use only Genuine Volvo Parts – each part is specifically engineered to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance. We also go beyond the demands of EN and SAE standards so that our hoses offer more in terms of higher pressure, better flexibility and longer life.

Volvo specifications

Only Volvo has instant access to the exact specifications for our hoses. This means you do not have to take measurements or bring in your old hose. Your Volvo dealer knows exactly what is required for the hose you need.

Advanced cleaning

Every Volvo hose is subjected to an advanced cleaning process, and caps are used to prevent contamination during transport. Contamination in your hydraulic system can damage valves, pumps and other components.

When a hydraulic hose needs to be replaced, rely on your Volvo dealer to assemble the right hose, right away – according to exact Volvo specifications. Simply put, only Volvo Hose Service offers the quality and availability your machine depends on.