The new, Volvo BL60B-BL70B backhoe:
More power, up to 25% fuel economy and no compromise on performance.

The Volvo BL60B and BL70B backhoes are designed for maximum versatility and productivity.

With more than 60 years of innovation behind them, they are made to take on any job, even those in the harshest conditions.

Power and fuel efficiency go hand in hand with a new Tier 4 Interim diesel engine that reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% - without compromising performance.

The BL70B backhoe loader comes with intuitive multi-purpose hydraulics and features three work modes for additional fuel economy and precision operation.

This while the BL60B’s sturdy structure, simple but robust hydraulics, and powerful single-tilt loader linkage make it the ideal partner for rental customers.

Get productive with the Volvo BL60B and BL70B backhoe loader. Top features of the Volvo BL60B and BL70B backhoe include:

New, efficient Tier 4 Interim engine range

Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) efficient new Tier 4i engine

New Volvo 3.8l engine cuts emissions, but it doesn’t cut performance, boasting outstanding power and up to 25% better fuel efficiency than earlier models. With a considerably higher cooling capacity than before, these machines can work in higher ambient temperatures while producing significantly less engine noise.

Volvo Care Cab

Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) Care Cab, a space to suit you

Comfort is top priority with a choice of operator environments, all designed for safety and visibility — and, therefore, better productivity.

BL60B simple, robust hydraulics

 Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) for robust performance
The hard-working BL60B’s straightforward hydraulics make managing simultaneous excavator functions a breeze.

BL70B intelligent hydraulics

Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) for powerful hydraulics

BL70B is now equipped with new electronically controlled hydraulic pump. Better use of engine power, shorter loading cycles and substantial fuel efficiency are assured due to constant adaptation of pump settings to working conditions. Three excavator working modes assure additional fuel economy and operation precision.

Productivity to the max

Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) for hassle-free serviceability

Keep uptime up with easy access to grouped maintenance and service points, and a one-piece lifting hood. Machines are equipped with advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools. MATRIS provides charts and analyzes data on machine handling and operation. VCADS Pro allows a machine to be fine-tuned to specific applications, further improving performance.


Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) versatile add-ons

Volvo's extensive range of attachments — including breakers, buckets and thumbs — makes the BL60B and BL70B even more versatile.

Customer Solutions

Volvo BL60B, BL70B backhoe (backhoe loader) solutions to back you up

The BL60B and BL70B are backed by an extensive service network and supported by a range of aftermarket products and tools, including CareTrack telematics.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, the BL60B and BL70B are backhoe loader that deliver versatility in a wide range of loading and excavation jobs.

Find out how the Volvo BL60B-BL70B backhoe can improve your efficiency: