Safety in and around Volvo machines - our key priority

We have enjoyed a leading position with regards to safety for a long time; our goal is to maintain this position. A focus on safety is an integral part of our product development work.

Volvo employees are highly aware of safety issues, and knowledge gained from our internal crash investigations is applied in product development. Read more on how Volvo acts to improve safety in all aspects of our operations (PDF - 2.27MB)

Our goal is to reduce risk of accidents and mitigate consequences of accidents that may occur, as well as improve safety and work environment for operators of our vehicles and equipment. Download the "Safety is no accident" brochure (PDF - 2.27MB) to learn more how safety can be improved in and around our machines.

That Volvo always managed to be at the frontline in safety work is not only thanks to our pioneering safety innovations - it's because our safety concept has evolved to encompass safety in a broader context: it comprises people, machines and the environment in which we operate.