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1927 – Volvo founding fathers

When the T-Ford production was discontinued in the USA, after 15 million sold cars, two Swedish visionaries and entrepreneurs founded in April 1927 what was to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of means for transportation. Volvo was born. (Actually, the trademark "Volvo" was registered for several products two years earlier).

The two founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, first met by chance and agreed to start up production of "The Swedish Car".

Assar, born in 1891, started out as a stenographer and helped out in his fathers egg business. For ten years, he was employed at SKF (the world renowned ball bearing manufacturer) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Later on, he was for thirty-some years Managing Director and Chairman of AB Volvo.

He died 1962 in Gothenburg – the birthplace of Volvo.

Gustaf, a few years older than Assar, was Master of Mechanical Engineering and was also employed by SKF for some years.

During approximately 25 years he was Technical director and Vice Managing Director of AB Volvo. The 15 years following, he acted as Member of the Board and consultant for the company.

Gustaf died 1968 in Båstad, in the south of Sweden.