Volvo Paver

Volvo Tracked and Wheeled Pavers

Volvo pavers are engineered by people who understand the exacting science of asphalt paving. 


The most compact, smooth and even mat surfaces can be created by our optional patented double tamper screed, significantly reducing the need for subsequent roller compaction. 


Large hopper volume and independent drives for both bar conveyors and both augers, phenomenal traction and excellent operator visibility all make for superb control.


Volvo tracked and wheeled pavers are available in a range of sizes with paving widths from 4.0 to 19.0 metres. 

Models available: 

Tracked pavers:
ABG2820, ABG5820, ABG9820, P4820D, P6820C, P7820C, P8820C.

Wheeled pavers: 
P5770, P5870C and P6870C

Volvo Variomatic screeds are available as attachments, allowing paving variable widths from 1.5 to 6 metres (depending upon the screed and paver used). 

Please contact us to discuss which Paver is the right choice for you.