Volvo grader (motor grader) efficiently spread and shape material with precise control

Volvo Motor Graders

With over 130 years of experience, Volvo motor graders are engineered with field-proven components for reliable service life. It’s the road grader versatility that makes it unique in earthmoving, road building, snow clearing, ripping, scarifying, plowing and pushing.

From fine grading in the creep mode to high speed applications or heavy earth carving to the all-wheel drive operation; it is the machine productivity that always makes the grade. Get Volvo motor graders and get the job done, every day.

Top features for the range of Volvo motor graders include:

3 power settings with 8F/4R transmission or 8 power settings with optional 11F/6R transmission:


Volvo’s D8 / Tier 4i engine features increased displacement, power and torque. Engine characteristics are perfectly matched to Volvo transmissions, maintaining legendary Volvo grader productivity in the most demanding applications. Three or eight power settings automatically deliver optimum power in each gear for reduced wheel slippage and fuel consumption.

Volvo AWD (All Wheel Drive) system: 

Built around two variable displacement hydraulic pumps and direct drive wheel motors. The system provides additional blade pull of up to 3 855 kg (8,500 lb) and greater front-end stability under low traction conditions like snow and ice. 

Volvo ROPS/FOPS Care Cab:

Volvo is committed to making operators’ jobs easier and more productive. Cabs include plenty of glass for unobstructed views; easy-to-use ergonomic controls; a familiar steering wheel; comfortable seating and a Contronics system to keep operators informed of all functions in real time.


Twin gear circle turn system:

Volvo’s exclusive circle turn system uses twin gear, direct-acting hydraulic cylinders that provide instant, high output torque, enabling moldboard rotation under any load. This means there is no need to stop, reverse and change moldboard angle. ·        

Lifetime frame warranty

Volvo exclusively offers an optional first user Lifetime Warranty on the front and rear frame, as well as on the articulation hinge and bearings. Provides even more peace of mind for owners. 

Select a Volvo motor grader below for more information on features, specifications, brochures and more:
Model Operating weight Net horse power Blade down force
G930B 35,420 lbs 160-208 hp 17,255 lbs
G930C, G940C, G946C, G960C 42,347-46,852 lbs 217-275 hp 19,051-20,948 lbs
G940B 37,430 lbs 196-232 hp 18,101 lbs
G946B 38,510 lbs 196-264 hp 18,620 lbs
G960B 39,830 lbs 224-264 hp 19,259 lbs
G970 39,000 lbs 210-250 hp 21,074 lbs
G976 40,500 lbs 225-265 hp 21,945 lbs
G990 46,300 lbs 225-265 hp 25,160 lbs