Volvo OEM Solutions your customers benefit from our premium innovative technology

Innovating for the future

At Volvo Construction Equipment we pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative solutions – not just for our OEM customers’
immediate needs, but also for their future requirements.

Innovation is at the core of Volvo’s business.

The latest technology is not just nice to have, it’s the lifeblood of our company and is essential to ensuring our customers are working in the most productive, efficient and safe way.

We are innovative

Volvo OEM Solutions advanced thinking and world class design abilities
Volvo designers have developed innovative concept machines:

  • The Centaur a revolutionary hauler
  • The Gryphin our extreme wheel loader  
  • The Sfinx a radical new excavator

These machines of the future represent our advanced thinking and world class design...

Volvo Construction Equipment is at the forefront of technological development.

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Volvo Construction Equipment offers OEMs the latest technology for integration into their end products.

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