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Body Options

Exhaust body heating kit
The floor and lower side plates of the body may be heated by the engine exhaust gases in order to maximize clean discharge upon
dumping and reduce risk of material freezing or sticking in cold and wet environments.

The exhaust gases are directed to the body via a flexible metal hose out of the hitch and exit at the rear of the body.

Overhung tailgate, wire operated
Tailgate is mounted to the rear end of two pivoting arms anchored at the front end by a wire attached to the hauler chassis. This option reduces spillage when hauling, especially on steep grades.

Designed for hauling gravel, sand, & liquid masses with a density that will not give more than the allowed maximum load with a full body. The gate is wire-operated and provides a large opening. The
tailgate cannot be combined with anti-skip chains.

Before ordering, the material density must be quoted by the dealer to ensure the overhung tailgate and increased body capacity matched to the weight of the material will not exceed the rated payload of the hauler.

Rock liners, 5/16" (8mm)
Volvo body liner plates are made of Hardox 450 Steel (5/16" thickness) and can be welded inside the Volvo standard body in order to extend body life and ensure protection in harsher applications.

The liners minimize excessive wear and impact damage when loading abrasive materials or large rocks.

Extra front spillguard, bolt-mounted
The extension minimizes the possibility of misguided material dropping on to the components in the pivot area. The option is commonly used where load placement is less precise and haulage on very steep downhill grades. The spillguard folds into the body
when not in use.

Light Material Kit
Kit bolts on to standard body for hauling light materials with densities of 1500 lb/yd3 or less. Easily mounted and removed for hauling different materials.

Cannot be used in combination with 8" side extensions, overhung tailgate, extra front spill guard or heavy duty wear plates.

8" Upper Side Extensions
Provides approximately 12% more capacity to hauler body for lighter materials such as coal, lighter aggregates, and dry earth(clay).

Can be used in combination with the Overhung Tailgate.

Cannot be used with light material kit.

Exhaust body heating kit

Overhung tailgate, wire operated

Rock liners, 5/16

Extra front spillguard, bolt-mounted

Light Material Kit