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Articulated Truck Safety

Known for Articulated Truck Safety

Volvo articulated truck's safety features are built in from the start. First, safety handrails maintain three point contact, while angled ladders and self-cleaning platforms make the entrance and exit from the high strength steel cab safe and simple. Additionally, slip resistant surfaces are the norm in places where one might step, and there is no elevated daily servicing.

Redundant systems ensure safe operation: dual circuit brakes, secondary steering, and two intelligent sensor systems providing operator feedback in the case of systems failure. The communication system is user friendly, and reminds the operator of key safety details, such as unbuckled seatbelt, a raised dump body, or an open door.

Innovations such as these lower injuries and health care costs, while increasing productivity and maintaining quality controls.

Rear vision system
A wide-angle color video camera attached near the body dump hinge sends an image of the rear view to the TV-monitor screen located in the cab. The camera improves productivity by allowing the operator to view the dumping area, see foreign objects and possibly personnel in the blind spot directly behind the unit. Cable kit included.