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Comfort in a Volvo Care Cab

Productive comfort in a Volvo Care Cab

The Volvo F-series articulated hauler offers a world class environment. The spacious cab, built with high strength steel, is easy to enter and exit due to a wide door opening and correct positioning of anti-slip steps. The interior includes practical solutions increasing operator comfort. Two cup holders, a 24-volt outlet, and space for a cooler are convenient features.

Unmatched ergonomics ensure optimum operator advantages, including low decibel levels (98 percent sound filtration), and minimized motion in different work situations. Fully adjustable operator's seat with belt, adjustable armrests, air cushioning, and telescopic/tilt steering wheel are located directly above the front axle at the center of the cab.  The operator's position allows free access to controls located on the dashboard. This location makes it easy to keep an eye on critical functions and adjust the temperature controls.

As a result of the hauler's reliable design, the operator also enjoys excellent visibility. A sloped hood, large windows, and ergonomically positioned, large rear view mirrors offer an overall view of the payload while dumping, while wide angled mirrors reduce blind spots. Optional rear view cameras improve vehicle controllability and site safety when reversing.

Due to these combined features, Volvo articulated haulers offer an efficient operator environment for high productivity. Never before have operators' experienced better comfort than in an Articulated Hauler. Testimonials prove the excellent working environment helps operators stay focused and produce more consistently over the long haul.