Introduction - Soil Compactors : V-Performance Mongolia

Volvo soil compactors
Roll with high-performance compaction.

 Volvo SD110 Soil compactor

Volvo SD110B compactor is robust, reliable and durable

Volvo SD200 Soil compactor

8 to 15 tons

Operating weight: 11 125 kg
Drum width: 2 134 mm

8 to 15 tons

Operating weight: 11 100 kg
Drum width: 2 134 mm

15+ tons

Operating weight:  20 643 kg
Drum width: 2 134 mm

The Volvo soil compactors are designed with mind for all of your compaction applications and features to help you tackle even the most demanding jobs. Volvo soil compactors give you quality, reliability and safety.

Volvo soil compactors are versatile machines ready to efficiently and effectively compact varying soils and aggregates in applications such as highways, utilities, water retention structures and in large residential, commercial and industrial site preparation.

Compaction becomes easier, more efficient and more effective.