Features & Benefits - A35E FS : V-Performance Mongolia
Volvo A35E FS Articulated haulers - Features & benefits

A35EFS – A lot faster than any other hauler

Productivity increases are impressive with A35E FS on the work site. The FS-hauler (Full Suspension) enables the operator to run faster on rough haul roads, both loaded and empty, compared to traditional haulers. The longer the haul road, the clearer the advantages.

The unique FS-technology

  • The FS-system constantly monitors the load and ground conditions, and automatically adjusts level control to give a smooth and safe ride
  • possible to run the hauler, wether loaded or empty, at full speed reducing bouncing and shaking

Volvo innovation

  • The world's first hydraulic full suspension articulated haulers
  • The A35EFS significantly advances off road hauling - increasing speeds through the toughest conditions; up to 57 km/hour whether loaded or empty

More powerful engines

  • Volvo D12 and D16 V-ACT engines meet all existing emission requirements according to Stage IIIA/Tier 3
  • Volvo´s in-house engineered and manufactured engines provide for higher power at low rpm for maximum fuel efficiency

Exact gearshifting

  • Volvo's automatic transmission (Powertronic) features smooth shifting providing maximum rimpull at all speeds
  • Shafts, planetary gears and bearings are reinforced to handle higher torque

No daily service

  • Electronic monitoring of fluid levels minimizes service needs and enhances reliability
  • Downtime during service is short, thanks to few service points

Fast and safe dumping

  • A fully loaded body is raised in only 12 seconds, and lowered in only 9 seconds

Volvo Care Cab

  • Plenty of room for the operator as well as personal items
  • The ergonomically designed operator's seat features air-suspension, easily adjustable for true comfort
  • Visibility around the machine is improved even more with the large rearview mirrors, large windshield and windows