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Volvo offers a wide range of filters

Volvo Filters – a wide product range

Filters from Volvo are the best choice for your construction equipment. You can expect high-quality parts, for your safety and economy. Regular service and maintenance at given intervals, together with Genuine Volvo Parts, ensure the reliability and profitability of your machine.

We have a complete range of filters to match your needs:

  • Engine oil filters – protect the engine from damaging particles minimizing bearing wear
  •  Fuel filters - protect the fuel injection system
  • Coolant filters – trap contaminants in the cooling system and protect your engine
  • Air and safety filters - protect the engine from harmful articles
  • Cab filters – specialized filtration media to keep the operator environment safe
  • Hydraulic oil filters – prevent damage to the hydraulic systems, avoiding disruption and maximizing operating time
  • Breather filters – reduce the danger of contaminants entering the oil system

High quality and low operating costs
The media used in Volvo filters is manufactured from high-quality cellulose fibers. We mix fine and coarse fibers until the filter media has the exact level of purification and capacity which every type of filter needs. The filter media is impregnated with resin to prevent it from being dissolved by moisture, chemicals and oil. As well as providing a high level of purification from the outset, Volvo filters also have a very high capacity. This means few replacements and low operating costs.

Please contact your Volvo dealer for more information about Filters and how to maximize the performance of your Volvo construction equipment.