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Volvo Special Application Solutions
Haulers chassis | Excavators | Wheel loaders

When you require a machine for a specific purpose and “standard products”  are not suitable, Volvo has a solution that delivers a range of partial machines that can be built upon.

Completed using a network of qualified partners with access to Volvo technical  support, this approach means we can meet your needs for special application solutions based upon.

  • Dumper
  • Digger
  • Loading shovel


Proven Volvo Heritage 
Volvo’s Special Application Solutions are based on and share many common features and
components with Volvo standard machines, giving you superior performance and the security of
aftermarket support through Volvo’s wide service network.

Operator environment
Volvo’s industry-leading, spacious cab designs feature all-round visibility and a premium operator environment.

Volvo’s state-of-the-art hydraulic system gives you the flexibility to utilize a variety of work equipment.

Ideal platforms
Using a Volvo base gives you the advantages of a heavy-duty platform with high mobility, load capacity and reliability.

Easily accessible service points are grouped together and as close to the ground as possible. Reduced service time ensures increased uptime.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of midsize diesel engines, you can trust Volvo to deliver dependable power.

Fuel Efficiency
Perfectly matched diesel engine and transmissions deliver high torque at low rpm for superior fuel efficiency.

Ultimate stability
The combination of Volvo’s heavy gauge, wide stance outriggers, solid undercarriage and long wheel base provides wheeled excavator with a smooth and stable ride.

Articulated hauler chassis feature a unique self-compensating, hydro-mechanical steering system. This provides directional steering stability, steering force and maneuverability for ease of operation and productivity.

Articulated hauler chassis performance is enhanced with heavy-duty frames, large, wide tires and ‘dog clutch’ differential locks with100% locking capability and no-slip, no-wear design.

Built to last
Volvo’s durable crawler undercarriage is built for tough work. Travelling on inclines or difficult terrain is easy thanks to excellent speed and tractive force.