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Volvo Motor graders - Introduction

Graders from Volvo: It’s how roads are built and maintained, all over the world.

With over 130 years of experience, Volvo graders are engineered with field-proven components for reliable service life. It’s the road grader versatility that makes it unique in earthmoving, road building, snow clearing, ripping, scarifying, plowing and pushing.

From fine grading in the creep mode to high speed applications or heavy earth carving to the all wheel drive operation, it is the machine productivity that always makes the grade. Get Volvo motor graders and get the job done, every day.

Top features for the range of Volvo graders include:

  • Lifetime frame warranty (optional), includes articulation hinge and bearings, for more peace of mind
  • Twin-gear, direct-drive circle turn system, for maximum strength to hold or smoothly turn the moldboard while moving under full load
  • Volvo ROPS/FOPS Care Cab, with deluxe suspension seat, tilt steering and unobstructed views, for less fatigue, more comfort and safety
  • Choice of controls – traditional or joystick type, putting operators of all experience levels at ease
  • Advanced 8-speed and exclusive 11-speed (optional) transmissions, in manual or optional Autoshift modes, for smooth shifting and optimized efficiency
  • Low maintenance and easy service access to all components, featuring a unique, easy-lift rear hood

Buy it new or used from your local Volvo Construction Equipment dealer.

Select a Volvo graders for more information on features, specifications, brochures and more:

Model Operating weight Net engine power
G930 15 800 kg 115-145 kW (155-195 hp)
G940 16 400 kg 130-160 kW (175-215 hp)
G946 17 300 kg 145-175 kW (195-235 hp)
G960 17 550 kg 145-175 kW (195-235 hp)
G970 18 900 kg 156-186 kW (210-250 hp)
G976 19 800 kg 168-198 kW (225-265 hp)
G990 22 100 kg 168-198 kW (225-265 hp)