Introduction - Tracked milling equipment : Transdiesel
Volvo Tracked milling equipment - Introduction

Volvo Milling Equipment – ground breaking solutions and innovative technology for all your milling projects.

The Volvo milling machines were designed with a number of innovative features and guided by input from our customers like you.  To help serve you at all stages of the road building process, the Volvo milling machines were designed with higher productivity and reliability in mind for the success of your business.

The MT2000 completes the following applications with ease, from mill and fill, to full depth removal:

  • Parking lots
  • City streets
  • County roads
  • Shoulders
  • Highways
  • Airports
Model Horse power Cutting width
MT2000 w/ 2000 mm drum 455 kW 2000 mm
MT2000 w/ 2185 mm drum 455 kW 2185 mm