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Volvo Compact excavators - Introduction

The multi-purpose tool

When productivity, efficiency and cost - effectiveness are the key - words for your work, Volvo compact excavators are there, with high-level technology allowing outstanding performance.

Security, efficiency and protection of the environment stand for our conception of your job. As a real partner, we guarantee constant technical support and efficient parts logistics, in order to keep your machine working.

There's loads of information in this section to help you find the perfect Volvo Compact Excavators for your operation. You'll also get all the information you need to make the right decision - including full product specifications, optional equipment, financing options and more.

Model Operating weight Digging depth
EC60C 5700 kg 3,75 - 4,05 m
ECR48C 4720 - 4850 kg 3,41 - 3,81 m
ECR58D 5.7 - 7.0 t  3.54 / 3.94 m
ECR58 Plus 5880 - 5970 kg 3,85 - 4,24 m
ECR88 Plus 8450 - 8650 kg 4,47 - 4,87 m