Fuel Efficiency Guaranteed

Fuel Efficiency — Guaranteed

Lots of equipment comes with claims of improving your fuel efficiency — and saving you money in the process. But that's all talk unless a company is willing to put its money where its mouth is. We are … with our Fuel Efficiency Guarantee.

How it works.
When you purchase a Volvo excavator, articulated hauler, or wheel loader and activate your free, standard six-year CareTrack® subscription, you'll receive our Fuel Efficiency Guarantee. If your machine's fuel efficiency and productivity don't meet the model-rated fuel efficiency levels, we'll reimburse a portion of the additional fuel.

What is CareTrack?
With Volvo's CareTrack® system, you can monitor fuel consumption, location, hours of operation, speed, approaching service intervals, and more. The guided diagnostics can report and analyze your machine onsite or remotely to manage its productivity and maximize uptime.

The Volvo Fuel Efficiency Guarantee is available on the following models:

Excavators: EC220D, EC250D, EC250E, EC300D, EC300E, EC340D, EC350EEC380D, EC380E, EC480D, EC480E and EC700C

Wheel Loaders: L150G, L150HL180G, L180H, L220G, L220H, L250G L250H, and L350F

Articulated Haulers: A25F, A25GA30F, A30GA35F, A35GA35F FSA40F, A40G, A40F FS and A40G FS

* This is solely a guarantee of remedy and shall not constitute a warranty. Guarantee is non-transferable and available in the U.S. and Canada only. Other restrictions apply. Read our Fuel Guarantee FAQs for details >>