Articulated Truck Care Cab

Volvo Care Cab - Comfort in Articulated Trucks

The competitive advantage of the Volvo Care Cab lies with increased operator focus and consistent daily productivity. Its unmatched design provides an ergonomic environment, excellent visibility and exceptional safety.

Components of Care Cab
The Volvo Care Cab places the operator safely in the driver's seat with ease of access due to a wide door opening and correctly positioned anti-slip steps.  The centrally located seat with belt is located directly above the front axle, with adjustable armrests, air seat, and a tilted telescopic wheel.  These position the operator for exceptional forward and reverse visibility, offering a clear view over the sloped hood. Wide angle mirrors eliminate blind spots, and provide constant visuals of the payload while dumping. Additionally, The Contronic Monitoring System allows operator to view the status of temperature, pressure, levels, fuel consumption, cycle times, and fault feedback.

Valuable advantages
Due to combined features, production rates remain more consistent over a day's shift for higher production. Operator testimonials indicate enhanced comfort helps stay focused and produce more consistently.

  • Ergonomic environment
  • High visibility
  • 98% sound filtration levels reduces operator stress, fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • High strength steel construction enhances safety when inside the cab

Rear vision system
A wide-angle color video camera attached near the body dump hinge sends rear view images to the TV-monitor screen located in the cab. The camera improves productivity by allowing the operator to view the dumping area, see foreign objects and possibly personnel in the blind spot directly behind the unit. Cable kit included.