Articulated Truck Transmission

Volvo PowerTronic Transmission

Engineered to transmit power from the engine to the wheels in a constant, precise overlap of ratios is a fully automatic PowerTronic nine-speed fast adaptive transmission, available with the Volvo A35F, 35F FS, A40F, and A40F FS.

• Quality design and manufacture
• Built in lockup function
• Fast cycle time due to optimized rimpull
• No high/low shifting
• Location of transmission provides industry's best hitch clearance
• Increased stability

Components of the PowerTronic Transmission
The 100% lockup function with industry exclusive gear skipping technology means no high-low shifting, while the single speed drop box with longitudinal differential means low power losses.


Valuable advantages
The fully automatic PowerTronic transmission shifts smoothly, with the ability to skip gears for fast, accurate gear selection and optimized rimpull at all times. The purpose-built, single stage dropboxes are designed for stability, high rimpull, and high ground clearance. The combination makes for smooth shifting throughout gear selection. Additionally, the refined dropboxes feature lower power losses, conserving fuel.

Other Advantages
• Eliminates gear hunting
• Fast shifting
• Increased cycle times
• Increased fuel efficiency
• Improved traction
• Increases safety, stability