Articulated Truck - Brakes

Volvo Brakes and Axles

With brakes powerful enough to stop a fully loaded Volvo hauler from 25 mph in one truck length, the Volvo F-series Articulated truck offers the ultimate in stopping precision under a range of conditions.  Volvo's A35F & A40F articulated trucks feature all-wheel wet disc brakes, an industry-exclusive in the 35 ton platform, and the A25F & A30F offer all-wheel dry-disc brakes.  Both systems allow the parking brake to hold a loaded truck on an 18 percent grade.


  • Fully loaded stops from 25 mph in one truck length
  • Decreased cycle times by 5%
  • Increased productivity
  • Maximum safety
  • Unsurpassed traction for high speed hauling
  • Long service life
  • Independent system circuits

The Volvo articulated truck's sophisticated system is divided into circuits to ensure a long service life, and its unique "floating" design eliminates rear axle bounce when making a full stop. 

Volvo's load and dump brake technology  lowers cycle times by promoting fast dump cycles; press the button and the rear trailer brakes are activated and the transmission is shifted into neutral. Pull the lever and quickly dump the load in less than 12 seconds.

Retarder System
The cab-floor mounted retarder pedal provides speed control at all times and allows the operator hands-free operation - the operator has no need to remove their hands from the steering wheel to adjust buttons or pull levers. The retarder minimizes service brake use, and reduces brake wear and lowers operating costs.

Valuable advantages
Fast, accurate cornering decreases cycle times by five percent, increasing productivity while ensuring maximum safety and unsurpassed traction for high speed hauling. Plus, the parking brake holds the loaded machine on an 18 percent grade. The load and dump brake technology makes it possible to dump a fully loaded body uphill at idle.

Other Advantages

  • 30-50% improvement in braking distance
  • Decreased brake wear and fade
  • Increased safety
  • Low operating costs
  • No rear axle bouncing during stops
  • Extended brake life due to retarder and high heat dissipation