Certified refurbishment program

Give your trusted Volvo machine new life. With our certified refurbishment program you can extend the life of your machine, increase your resale value, and reduce unplanned machine downtime. Simply put, this tailored service allows you to get even more out of your machine investment.

Volvo quality every step of the way
Together, you and your Volvo-certified refurbishment dealer, agree on what needs to be done to ensure that your machine runs reliably and efficiently for many years to come. Perhaps it involves rebuilding the powertrain to avoid a major component failure. Or perhaps you want a machine that performs and looks like new. Whatever the case, you can expect high quality every step in the refurbishment process.

Nobody knows Volvo machines better than Volvo. We have the training, tools, knowledge and commitment required to refurbish your machine. Only Genuine Volvo Parts and factory remanufactured components, which include all the latest upgrades and technical modifications, are used. So refurbishment is much more than a rebuild – it’s like upgrading your machine.

For more information about our refurbishment program, contact your local Volvo dealer.