Parts and Service Special Promotions

Parts & Service Promotions

Care Inspection

Volvo Care Inspection Special

Want to receive big parts discounts?  Have your certified, Volvo-trained dealer perform an inspection on your machine. You’ll get a comprehensive checkup using Volvo Genuine Parts for any repairs or maintenance, which will maximize performance, extend the life of your machine and reduce down time.  And, for a limited time only, you’ll receive a special parts discount.
  • Covers engine, hydraulics, electrical, drive train, brakes, steering, frame and cab.

Ask your local dealer about the Volvo Care Inspection specials today. Promotion expires December 31, 2016.

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Paver Rebuild

Paver Rebuild Special

Get a 10% discount on genuine Volvo paver parts when you get a Volvo Paver Rebuild.
Having service and maintenance done during cold or slower months ensures that your paver will be up and running when you’re ready to work. When a paver goes down, everything else stops, too. That’s why it’s smart to service and repair your paver during the off-season — so your equipment is ready to work when you are. A Volvo Paver Rebuild includes all levels of service, from making a few repairs to completely rebuilding the machine.

Contact your local Volvo dealer today.  Promotion expires December 31, 2016.

When you buy a Volvo® machine, you’re purchasing construction equipment of the highest quality. You also benefit from a long-term relationship with Volvo Construction Equipment giving you access to all the products and support required to ensure your machine generates maximum profit and growth for your business.

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Volvo Lubricants Protect Your Equipment.

Volvo Lubricants
Consistently high-quality Volvo® lubricants are developed specifically to make your machine run longer, better, and cleaner. Our lubricants are vital to the mechanical system, because they prolong component life and reduce fuel and oil consumption.Stability and safety.

The Volvo Tooth System Improves Your Bottom Line.

Volvo Tooth System
The Volvo tooth system maximizes change intervals and improves productivity, giving you fewer worries and higher profitability. High-quality steel alloy provides maximum wear resistance, while a patented vertical locking device makes mounting and removing fast and easy.

Volvo Customer Support Agreements Help You Stay Profitable.

Volvo Customer Support
A Volvo Customer Support Agreement (CSA) offers service and maintenance for your Volvo machine, providing maximum cost control and minimum downtime. A CSA is a flexible solution for machine services, including regular inspections.

Volvo CareTrack Offers Invaluable Help.

The Volvo CareTrack fleet management system gives you detailed information about your machines via our website, so you can make the right decisions to increase profitability. You can get reports on how each machine is used to determine ways to increase productivity, as well as receive service reminders and service history.