Customer satisfaction story on EcoOperator

At Terås Bergstäkt in Ljungskile, Sweden, Skanska’s training in eco driving made a big difference.

‘A really big difference’, says Production Manager Jerker Carlström. ‘Following the first sessions, some operators reduced their consumption by up to 20–25 %, without reducing productivity’. 

There’s no excuse for using more fuel than necessary Teras Bergstakt in Liungskile is both a gravel pit and rock crushing facility.  They sell between 200 000 and 300 000 tons per year, of which 20-25% is gravel and the rest rock products.  Skanska’s decision to train the operators in eco driving was certainly met with enthusiasm.

‘There’s really no reason whatsoever to use more fuel than necessary’ says Jerker Carlstrom. ‘You get the same amount of work done with less fuel consumption and save both the environment and money.  And the operators feel less stress.’

Operate the machine in the right way.

The operators themselves also found the training very good. ‘The course isn’t pointing fingers at anyone, but, rather, giving tips and helping us better ourselves’, explains Morgan Pettersson, operator at Teras with over 30 years experience. ‘It is about operating the machine in the right way and easing up on the accelerator, even when it seems tight. If you drive a smooth and even pace you’ll get just as much dine as when you accelerate and brake hard.’

And the training made a difference?

‘Yes, there’s a big difference’, says Jerker Carlstrom. ‘Following the first sessions some operators reduced their consumption by up to 20-25%, without reducing productivity.  And even with my own private car I’ve managed to reduce fuel consumption by between 10- 15%’.